Speed up access to big files on mac OSx

 {jmstweet tweet_text="Speed up access to big files on mac OSx" post_link="" download_link="" via_acc=""}Sometimes I have to work with very big files like movies, when I was editing these files knew that move forward or backward could be very slowly because the program has to read the data from the hard disk. I remember some years ago, when I was working with some files that needed to be loaded in clipper database, improved this load creating virtual hard disk. I tried to apply this to edit big files quickly and testing the same process I could save some time to use these process on regular basis.

First I needed to identify how big was the file to edit and then create a ram disk that fit in it, multiply by 2048 the number of MB that required by the ram disk, Ex: Suppose I need a ram disk of 800MB then 800 by 2048=1638400



I typed the following instruction:

diskutil erasevolume HFS+ "myDisk" `hdiutil attach -nomount ram://1638400`;

After just copied the file to edit.

If you follow this simple step you could save time reading big files, and processing it.


I have used this method to edit some movies and I have improved the access, also I used this on virtual box image to load faster the boot time.

However, this method has disadvantages too like you need to have enough memory for Osx and Ram disk.