Review Cocotron on Windows machine

{jmstweet tweet_text="Review Cocotron on Windows machine" post_link="" download_link="" via_acc=""}Last week I have tried to install some tools in my Windows machine because I need to compile Objective-C programs, after had been searching for a while founded Cocotron project that aims to implement a cross-platform Objective-C API.

I never figure that "Cocotron" was so difficult of install on Windows machine, the process that I followed was:

First I download InstallCDT using gnuStep for shell interface but, after six hour of hacking his version of mpfr-2.3.2 compiled, But when the shell try to install "binutils-2.19" I get troubles with "libiconv" than became impossible to continue with this installation.

Then I Installed mingw but I again I couldn't get compilation free of errors, always the "gcc" complain of something.


My last chance of compilation was using cygwin then I could compile "Cocotron" after edit "" and solved some issues with the compilation on cygwin. The compile process was successful for mpfr-2.3.2, gmp-4.2.3, binutils-2.19, gcc-4.3.1. But in the last step of "" when compiled "retargetBundle.m" the process stoped.

I found that "Cocotron "doesn't include "Foundation.h" file and others include file that you required to develop on Objective-c. I read in Cocotron's site "This includes the AppKit, Foundation, Objective-C runtime and support APIs such as "CoreGraphics" and "CoreFoundation." But I don't know what you need to download to use it.


After three days of trying to compile "Cocotron" on windows machine, I said that this site need to improve his installation process on Windows machines, also need to improve his documentation because these don't help to new people to use the framework. If you needed to compile objectiveC on windows take a look to GNUStep.

When I installed GNUstep could compile Objective-c programs out of the box, I had one issue with properties (@property) appear to don't recognize this key word as a part of language, but if you need to compile on windows Objective-c program take a look on this project, also contains good documentation and has a very large of developers who improve it.


After read comment of Christopher Lloyd, I must admit that Cocotron never talks about of compile on Windows machine, you can give a try to Cocotron in Mac, and see how some application can run on Windows. Cocotron has been doing a good job on application that already runs on Mac, and his portability to other environment. However, if you try to compile on windows machine take a look to gnuStep.