Friday 21 October 2016

Speed up access to big files on mac OSx


Sometimes I have to work with very big files like movies, when I was editing these files knew that move forward or backward could be very slowly because the program has to read the data from the hard disk. I remember some years ago, when I was working with some files that needed to be loaded in clipper database, improved this load creating virtual hard disk. I tried to apply this to edit big files quickly and testing the same process I could save some time to use these process on regular basis.

First I needed to identify how big was the file to edit and then create a ram disk that fit in it, multiply by 2048 the number of MB that required by the ram disk, Ex: Suppose I need a ram disk of 800MB then 800 by 2048=1638400


Review Cocotron on Windows machine

Last week I have tried to install some tools in my Windows machine because I need to compile Objective-C programs, after had been searching for a while founded Cocotron project that aims to implement a cross-platform Objective-C API.

I never figure that "Cocotron" was so difficult of install on Windows machine, the process that I followed was:

First I download InstallCDT using gnuStep for shell interface but, after six hour of hacking his version of mpfr-2.3.2 compiled, But when the shell try to install "binutils-2.19" I get troubles with "libiconv" than became impossible to continue with this installation.

Then I Installed mingw but I again I couldn't get compilation free of errors, always the "gcc" complain of something.

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